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— Fred Rogers, The World According to Mister Rogers: Important Things to Remember

Planets in antiscia and contra-antiscia reflect each other across the cardinal axis. The cardinal axis is essentially the node of the Sun and is a point we all share. It is the intersection of two Great Circles: the ecliptic, which is the sun's path (i.e., the tropical zodiac), and the earth's equator. A planetary pair is formed when planets connect through their reflection to one another across the cardinal axis. Like a planetary statement made by two planets in aspect or conjunction, planets in antiscia make a terrestrial (or mundane) statement: a statement for the world. Therefore, planetary pairs can provide insight into the energy of the day, as well as enriching natal and dynamic chart delineation. More on antiscia here...    

Mercury opposes Saturn
+ Uranus antiscia Chiron = Venus | Aries

To use the list below, simply blend the meanings of the planets in combination. 

  • Bold dates indicate a particular planetary expression is exact (within 10 minutes of arc).
  • Dates showing one planet indicate its ingress onto the cardinal axis (meaning it's at zero cardinal or fifteen degrees fixed (midpoint), and ought to feature prominently that day).
  • Those with a (c) indicate contra-antiscia - a symmetrical arrangement around the Aries/Libra axis.

Date in May + Planetary Pair 

Mercury antiscia Jupiter & Venus Uranus (c) Chiron at the full moon

1, 2, 3   Uranus Chiron (c)  

2   Moon  (0 CAN)

2, 3   Venus  (0 ARI) 

10   Moon  (0 LIB)

13, 14   Mercury Jupiter 

13, 14   Venus Chiron (c)

16, 17   Mercury Pluto (c)

17   Moon  (0 CAP)

21, 22, 23   Venus Neptune (c) 

23   Moon  (ARI)

28, 29   Mercury  (0 CAN)

30, 31   Sun Jupiter

The band-aid was ripped off last month and the startling insights, revelation, and disquiet that surfaced then lingers on in May. But it's okay. It's a bittersweet month. 

Uranus and Chiron remain in contra-antiscia at the start of the month, and Venus joins the picture, coming to their midpoint (the Aries point) on May 2nd. This occurs at the same time Mercury perfects in opposition to Saturn. Then, on the 13th and 14th, Mercury is antiscia Jupiter while Venus comes to the contra-antiscion of Chiron. (Charts above). Sounds like highly original and exquisitely somber poetry, art, and music... Make some.  

Also on the 14th: a full moon @ 24 Scorpio. Where does Scorpio fall in your chart?

Mercury Pluto gives you the extra focus (or, relentless fixation and compulsion) to get the [aforementioned] masterpiece right, right? And Venus Neptune, a marvelous time to display it. With Mercury at the solstice point: the feedback you seek. And Sun Jupiter, at the end of the month, following a new moon @ 8 Gemini: a feeling of accomplishment and success. 

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