Unusual Expression Venus|Uranus

need for excitement in relationships, otherwise restlessness

unique creative expression


disturbances or nervousness with others

an unusual rhythm

exotic, bizarre, outlandish, colorful 

the love of astrology

innovative art

freedom in relationships

the renegade


Venus|Uranus stands on the cardinal axis at this time.

Use the energy to do something new or different. Don't let others ruffle your feathers (at least not too much), and if they do - surprise them with a flood of love or give 'em a little extra space. 


Famous people with Venus|Uranus strong in their chart, by conjunction, square or opposition:   Jimi Hendrix, Sinead O'Connor, Kurt Cobain, Josephine Baker, Jimmy Page, Paul Simon, Elvis Presley, Prince, Elizabeth Taylor, Steve McQueen, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Toni Morrison, Caroline Myss, Anais Nin, Dionne Warwick.



Love is in the Air (sign that is)

The ingress of Venus into Libra today (7:40pm PDT) puts her directly on the Cardinal axis, and so in the world.

Situations and/or people might look more attractive for a spell. It may even seem easier to smooth things over with niceties, pleasantries, and pretty ideas. But it won't last long. Venus is in an applying opposition to Uranus, exact on Saturday, and an applying square to Pluto. All this week she'll be more and more agitated if things are not authentic. (Refer to my previous post if you'd like more keywords for Venus Uranus.)

Venus is indeed dignified in Libra, Venus likes to be in Liba. But her connection to Uranus and Pluto will likely strip her of any superficial comfort... If it's not real, it's not gonna last. 

This week Uranus and Pluto demand depth, genuineness, and totally honest interactions - even if brutally honest - they wouldn't have it any other way! 



And, yes, Pablo Picasso's Venus was in Libra.