eclipse : new Saros Series : on the 90 w TNPs

Today, July 1, marks the very first eclipse of a new Saros Series. The series contains 72 eclipses in total with the final one occurring in 3237. This new moon/solar partial eclipse lands at 9 degrees 12 minutes of Cancer. The sabian symbol for this degree, 10 Cancer, is  A large diamond not completely cut. (Keyword: Latency.) If the eclipse falls in a prominent place in your own chart, i.e. conjunct or in dynamic aspect to one of your planets or angles, this might have pronounced meaning for you at this time.  

This birth of a new cycle is also meaningful for the collective.  

When we look at the eclipse chart on the 360 and 90 degree dials, some very important details pop out:

ec 4.jpg

First we see that the only planet directly on the cardinal axis is the TNP (transNeptunian) Hades. You can find more information on Hades in previous articles, but in essence Hades relates to service, things from the past, that which is dirty or worn out, difficulty and hardship, and things hidden like the occult.

ec 3.jpg

Moving to the 90 dial, we see more come to light as we turn the dial to 22.5:

Here we find Poseidon connected to Pluto + Kronos, with Mars close by. Poseidon rules light; it has to do with high-mindedness, understanding, philosophy and culture. It is like a higher octave of the planet Neptune, and so relates to spirit and enlightenment. The combination of Pluto and Kronos speaks to great change and/or development. All energies playing together should indicate some potential for highly transformative and spiritual development in the culture.  


ec 5.jpg

Another immensely important combination occurring at this eclipse is Pluto/Kronos falling at the precise midpoint of Mars and Jupiter.

If Mars Jupiter typically indicates successful action and Pluto is the result, it seems to speak of an enormously rich time for (or beginning of?) big changes and transformations occurring because of or through fortunate decisions or activities. With Kronos, it's knocked up a notch or, in a more mundane sense, makes reference to leaders or people in authority. 



ec 6.jpg

Venus also falls on an important axis:

Venus lies at the midpoint of three planetary configurations! In order, by tightness of orb, they are: Hades Node, Cupido Uranus, and Vulcanus Admetos. This could speak to some less than comfy circumstances as Hades Node can indicate unpleasant affairs or associations. However, if we consider the higher side of Hades -- service, tradition, or things from the past, it might be indicating more social interest in these matters. Certainly with the other combinations to Venus it could speak to continued difficulty for people and communities, but with the aforementioned potential for big time transformation it may just be showing the way to that transformation and why. Meaning: the culture is in trouble and sudden or drastic measures might need to be taken to deal with great obstacles, violence, or loss.  

I think because there is a strong Poseidon and Plutonian influence in this chart, what we will come to face as a culture, or as many cultures around the globe, we can work through.  To me, this illuminates the hindrances and limitations at hand and that more may arise, but that we can transcend, go beyond, grow from and out of a very difficult time. 

ec 7.jpg

One final midpoint to mention is Jupiter on the axis of Sun Neptune and Moon Neptune -- and in the US chart, Saturn MC. 

To me, this indicates optimism in the face of difficult circumstances and the unknown. Modesty and simplicity ought to be welcome and encouraged at this time. And what we don't know can help us, so keep an open mind. Imagine futures full of possibility, and work on keeping a compassionate outlook. 

Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question, or offer your perspective!

The Unbearable Lightness of Being + POSEIDON

madame glasses.JPG

I have always loved the title of Milan Kundera's book: The Unbearable Lightness of Being, and I like to think about meanings behind such a phrase. 

Today it brings to mind Poseidon...

In light of the current position of Poseidon: it currently sits antiscia to Mercury, ruling news and communication. Antiscia refers to the symmetrical arrangement of planets and points around the cardinal axis (aka the solstice/equinox points) - the cardinal axis is "the world's stage". And in light of the Sun Poseidon conjunction yesterday, it feels like a good time to talk about the TNP (TransNeptunian) Poseidon.

I am personally in the midst of a long period of Poseidon-time, as it transits my Node, Midheaven, and Moon for the next couple of years. As I understand it, this should be a time of grasping or comprehending things with greater clarity. (I hope so.) Certainly I am literally seeing things more clearly now, as I'm resigned to the fact that I must wear glasses...

Poseidon, to Uranian astrologers, is like another kind of Neptune. It rules light and so enlightenment. It signifies interest in spiritual matters, spiritual people and places. It has to do with seeking truth, clarity, perception and understanding. It is like turning on a light bulb. It can also represent odd or unusual matters, or people. More mundanely, it has to do with propaganda, advertising, television and media. It rules religion; and rules psychic vibrations and mediumistic tendencies. It reflects and refracts light as a mirror or window does.  

Lately these things seem to be increasing all around me. 

I have more frequent premonitions. I've connected (or maybe I should say: re-connected, as the transit involves my Node and the Node signifies our connections, karmic, fated, or otherwise) with people who could be described as odd, enlightening, psychic, or spiritual. Propaganda abounds. And the light seems to be making its way into many creaks and crevices of my mind; some of which I may have preferred to leave in the dark a while longer.

This time is meant to be enlightening, I'm sure. But as healing goes, being made more aware of things, it doesn't always feel so good.

Does it make sense that being uplifted  could make one feel ungrounded, sometimes disoriented?  

Coming out of the dark into the light does make you squint, it makes your eyes hurt. So as I continue to work with this sometimes tiring time of Poseidon, I've come to accept the fact that I must have faith and trust it will all work out. Poseidon rules faith and wisdom. Wisdom = Insight = the Light.

Faith + Wisdom - Truth = Poseidon