A new project supporting women in prison…

Monday, September 24 2018, marked the first meeting of a group I've created with several inmates in the women's prison here in Washington. We're calling the group GOOD GRIEF, based on the work we intend to do. While I've been involved in one-to-one volunteer work for more than ten years, supporting women in prison (and their emotional selves and growth), it was in reading the book Healing Through the Dark Emotions (shown in image above) that many ideas and seeds were planted for this group. Now it has taken form 💗

To those who would like to help in the future, or who want to stay in the loop, I have added a mailing list here. I plan to post updates periodically.
Thank you.

Good Grief’s Aim

The group's aim is to utilize the support, knowledge, and wisdom each person brings; to mend and strengthen our relationships with one another (and ourselves) by creating a confidential, respectful, and nonjudgmental environment to share and process; to understand our stories as they are contextualized in the larger environment and world; and to heal and help ourselves so we may be of support to others. A major component of the approach is acceptance. This pertains to being willing to listen to and be present with difficult feelings—both within ourselves and in hearing from others.