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the astrology chart is like a map
astrologers translate the map's symbols into questions & answers

A birth chart shows the celestial sky as it was on the day you were born. The planets and signs in your chart (and distances and geometric configurations between them) describe your world and your lifeThe symbols speak to your nature, interests, aims, as well as your unique traits and tendencies. The chart also describes the nature of important people in your life.

Just as the sky changes each day and each night, so does your life as it unfolds through time. 

Astrology is a language, but it is not a rigid one. It is mysterious and complex. Astrology is not static, nor is your life (or your chart). It is associative. It has linear and nonlinear qualities. Astrology is also like a clock: a way to measure and tell what time [in your life] it is. 

In my approach to reading a chart I refer to the knowledge of the ancients as a starting place via traditional techniques - I meld and contemplate these in light of our current time and your current circumstances. I'm an empathetic listener and consider my style to be compassionate, soulful, and nonjudgmental. My intention is to provide clients a relaxed space to unpack the past and imagine future scenarios. Together we will investigate cycles and trends, themes, your talents and obstacles. Through examining known strengths, and perceived limitations, it is my goal to assist you in moving toward greater well-being and purposefulness in your unique and precious life. 

All work together is confidential. 

Astrology is a means, not an end. It is used to calculate the cycles of time, to reveal their meanings, and to foresee certain events. Armed with this knowledge, human beings have the capacity to avoid or reduce suffering. This applies at both the collective and the individual level. Astrology is a practical discipline intended to reduce suffering and uncertainty, which are the lot of beings wandering in samsāra. The correct motivation for an astrologer is none other than compassion––without that, astrology falls to the level of the ordinary disciplines.

––P. Cornu, Tibetan Astrology


"I discovered Kate's website and found her charming. There was "change" in the air so I thought why not try someone new. And boy was she amazing! My reading was unusual in that I asked her to prepare an audio and email it to me WITHOUT ME PRESENT. I wanted to know what my CHART told her on its own. Although she had never done this before, she was ready, willing, and most able. Everything she said rang true and confirmed my own choices and life direction from the past to the present. Her astrology is thorough and well thought out. She sent all the necessary charts beforehand and carefully connected her reading references so I could follow along. It was so much fun working with her. Kate is warm and kind and intelligent, and was willing to engage in email conversation afterwards to bring me closure. I highly recommend her!"  - C.B. 
"Kate gave me some great insights into my chart and my life. She's studied with some heavy hitters in the astrology world.  She's warm and wonderful and a lot of fun. I highly recommend her astrology readings." - Nancy C.

Path Leading Through Tall Grass, 1877, Renoir

Areas of focus 

  • Birth chart reading : your life's map, birth to present and near future
  • Relationship reading : archetypal qualities present within relationships
  • The year ahead (timing) : dynamic patterns and symbolic factors emerging

Techniques I use for your reading

  • Zodiacal Releasing from the Lot of Spirit (purpose) + Fortune (fate)
  • Solar Return (birthday) chart + annual Profections
  • Solar arc directions, secondary progressions + transits
  • Connections with the world axis + Antiscia
  • Indian/Persian: Vimsottari Dasa (Bhukti) + Firdaria
  • Midpoints, arc openings + Differences

Arranging for your session

Please have your complete birth information including exact time of day and city where you were born. 
(Note: I can read a chart without an exact birth time but it will be a somewhat different consultation.) 

*An MP3 recording will be made at your request.

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