Election Day Outbursts

Reflecting on the upcoming election and the placement of planets around the cardinal axis, a.k.a. on the world's stage, I think of the antiscia of Mars Pluto on that day and my mind goes to the notorious tennis hot head John McEnroe. 

In McEnroe's birth chart the closest aspect (less than 20'min of arc) is a Mars Pluto square. I think his outbursts provide a nice illustration of the energy. No doubt we also experience his Mars Jupiter opposition, Jupiter dominating Mercury by square, and Moon Mars separating conjunction - adding to the exaggeration and intensity. 

Screen Shot 2012-11-01 at 12.25.50 PM.png

On Tuesday, Election Day, a day ruled by Mars, the antiscia of Mars Pluto becomes exact at just about the same time both the Sun and Moon come to the cardinal axis (15 Scorpio and 15 Leo). The Sun rules the day, the Moon rules the hour. The Moon is also the public. Between 7:00 and 7:30 pm EST (4:00/4:30 pm PST) all of these points come to precise antiscia & contra-antiscia - we can expect this hour and those leading up to it to be exceptionally intense. (No surprise.)

Screen Shot 2012-11-01 at 1.08.44 PM.png

Another interesting thing to note about the day is the placement of Kronos.

Screen Shot 2012-11-01 at 1.15.59 PM.png

Kronos rules government and authority, things that are grand, tall, and above average. As stated in Alfred Witte's book Rules for Planetary Pictures, Kronos is executive power. Kronos stands at the exact opposition of Pluto and so joins the antiscia to Mars. Mars Kronos and Pluto Kronos according to Arlene Kramer are: "Procedure dictated by the power of the government. Power of the state. Autocratic. Great leader and organizer." and "Great changes. Changes in the form of government. Change of boss." etc. I don't think we should assume this translates to a change in leadership or a win for Romney though. Why? Because Kronos is much more active, activated, and activating in Barack Obama's chart. (This is in addition to many other factors I'm not addressing here.)

Election Day on the 90 degree dial. (No need to be afraid of the dial, it won't bite.) 

90 ele.jpg

Doesn't that just look like the chart of an election? I think so.

In addition to the Mars Pluto Kronos antiscia above you can see the Sun and Moon directly on the cardinal axis. You also see Zeus connecting to Jupiter. I know that sounds redundant (Jupiter|Zeus) and it is sort of. Successful leader, work,fireworks... Zeus and Kronos together makes "a great commander-in-chief".  

In Obama's natal chart the Moon is conjunct Kronos and in a precise square to Zeus (highlighted with the blue circle below). This makes him a Zeus|Kronos type of person since the Moon is an important personal point. Interestingly transiting Pluto|Kronos have moved into the exact midpoint of Obama's Sun and Moon - a highly charged spot! On the dial below you can see transiting Pluto|Kronos circled in red picking up his Sun and Moon. To me this seems like an auspicious signature for the growth and development of great leadership ability and power.

Screen Shot 2012-11-01 at 2.48.22 PM.png

In Romney's chart the transiting Pluto|Kronos is at the precise midpoint of his natal Sun|Hades and Vulcanus|Hades. (Romney also has Hades at the midpoint of his Sun|Moon natally, while Obama has Sun|Moon = Cupido; this says a lot, as Hades has to do with secrets and filth, and Cupido signifies family, community, and society. Just to be clear: having Hades at the midpoint of one's Sun|Moon is not a bad thing, it would be excellent for a psychologist, investigator, astrologer, nurse, or antique collector for instance; however without an outlet like these the potential for a more negative or secretive expression, preying on the hardship and suffering of others for example, does exist. And yes, I'm aware of my bias coming through - I do not think Romney is a morally good person.)

shitty mitt.jpg

So what does the above Kronos transit mean for Romney? 

From Witte's Rules for Planetary Pictures:

Vulcanus + Hades - Kronos:  "Gigantic crimes and evil deeds. Heavy oppression and suppression by governments and ruling powers."

Sun + Hades - Kronos:  "Physical difficulties or restrictions through the state, officials or superiors. Pursued by misfortune through higher power. Leading among criminals. Crime sanctioned by the government."

Is it just that these things may be coming more into the light? (Like his auto bailout profiteering.) Or is there more to it? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

If Romney were to win, I believe it would be another one of his grand (and/or sanctioned) crimes. But I don't think he will. 

There is so much more to be unpacked within these charts, as I'm sure you're gathering, especially as we begin to look at transits and midpoints. This is not in any way a thorough delineation of the charts or a prediction really. Mostly I wanted to share what I thought the energy of the day might feel like (Mars Pluto: McEnroe) and to use the Election Day chart to show the power and impact of the transneptunian Kronos

It's a wild time. All the world will be watching on Election Day - made very clear by the Sun and Moon on the cardinal axis. 

Oh.. on Election Day in addition to exercising your right to vote, I highly recommend some literal exercise as that Mars Pluto will be felt by all!

Take care and feel free to leave comments, questions, or feedback.  

Royal Wedding = Cupido

Not every day do we witness such an archetypally important and highly visible event. Friday (Venus day) April 29 2011, was one of those special days. With the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton, much is being said by all -- and especially pondered and scrutinized by astrologers.

The first thing that stands out is Venus placed at the top of the chart or MC (Midheaven)! Venus symbolizes love, beauty, creativity, relationships and happiness, and placed at the MC makes her most visible. From this position, Venus also makes a superior trine to the Ascendant -- a most auspicious statement. Also note, Mercury is at the top of the chart and advancing (moving toward) the MC in the Ninth whole sign house (the house of religious and mystical matters, and the king). With Mercury highly prominent and visible, matters pertaining to communication, news, public opinion, and vows are pronounced. The midpoint of Mercury and Venus is in fact the MC. VE+ME = MC : beautiful appearances and sounds in public, thoughts and words of love, and a time (MC = moment or minute) of beauty, grace, merriment, artistry and music. Remember the bells?

Screen Shot 2012-08-14 at 2.07.01 PM.png

The ascending sign Leo, another symbol of royalty, is ruled by a prominent Sun placed in the Tenth whole sign house. The Sun, ruler of the Ascendant, is therefore aspecting the ASC by a superior square, a powerful statement from a very public position. The Sun is not configured to either malefic by aspect, also a good omen. Though the rulers of the 1st and 7th (partnership) are not connected, the ruler of the 7th (Saturn) is well-placed both by sign (exaltation) and angular, on the IC, though in the 3rd whole sign house. This seems to be the best of both worlds - neither malefics are angular but the one that matters most, Saturn, ruling the marriage, is strongly placed at the IC. 

An element of this wedding chart that makes many astrologers uneasy is a dark, waning moon (the new moon occurs on Monday, May 2). A waxing moon (a moon growing in light) is usually considered more desirable for the day of a wedding, as marriage is something we want to see grow and last and develop over time, and the building of light is considered a fruitful thing. One has to wonder what this dark moon will ultimately represent, could be the denial of fruits from the marriage, i.e. the couple will not have children. With the light obscured too, we may wonder if it will keep them out of the spotlight, a relationship more hidden or behind the scenes. 

The moon is considered by many modern western astrologers to be Void-of-course. This means it has finished making aspects to other planets while it remains in the sign of Pisces, before it enters the next sign, Aries. A Void moon is thought to mean that a project, contract or decision initiated at this time is doomed to failure. However, the modern notion of a Void moon only seems applicable in Horary astrology. Traditionally, the moon is only Void when it does not make an aspect to any visible planets within 30 degrees! Also, William Lilly, a notable medieval astrologer, said the moon cannot be Void in the signs: Taurus or Cancer (it's exaltation and domicile), or Sagittarius and Pisces (signs of Jupiter). In this case, the moon is not only nullified from being Void by being placed in Pisces, but it is also applying to the conjunction of Venus, which will perfect at 11 degrees 32 minutes of Aries -- a sweet applying aspect from the moon indeed! 

Let's examine this chart on the 90 degree dial, with the TNPs (TransNeptunians).  

RW 2.jpg

The first thing that pops out is Venus and Cupido sitting antiscia to one another on the cardinal axis (aka the world's stage). This is indicative of a harmonious marriage in its most simplistic, obvious expression. Venus/Cupido also represents artistic and musical associations, peaceful societies, and happiness among groups of people or in the family. 

Because Cupido rules marriage let's examine its placement further... 

RW 3.jpg

The first thing we see is that Cupido sits directly across from the AS (Ascendant). Technically speaking, it is in precise sesquiquadrate from the AS at 0 deg 00 sec. A sesquiquadrate or half-square is indicative of things that happen out there, outside ourselves, or in our environment. The AS symbolizes location or surroundings and is what is on the horizon or rising at that exact moment. In terms of timing, the AS (and also the MC) is like the minute or secondhand of a clock. And if we consider it like we would in a nativity (a person's birth chart), it is the mask or persona, or the face, of this relationship as captured in this specific moment in time. 

The closest completed planetary picture, which is a perfectly aligned symmetrical arrangement of planets and angles incredibly difficult to see with an unaided eye, is MC + Cupido - AS = MC. This means MC (the moment, soul, awareness) + Cupido (family, societies, associations, marriage, artistry) - AS (the place, relating to others in the surroundings) = MC (the moment, soul, awareness). And this occurs at 0 deg 0 min 01 sec. Now that is quite expressive of the time, isn't it?  

Very interesting to note, the next twenty completed planetary pictures all include Cupido -- which to me is pretty astonishing!

The second picture is with the Moon -- symbolizing the female, the public; add Cupido/AS and you get a woman proceeding to marriage. The next is with Mercury, symbolizing conversation, news, music, or vows. Then follows the Node -- symbolizing connections, sometimes karmic or fated; with Cupido/AS, a family coming together for a marriage. Next is with Venus -- the female again, the bride. Then with the Sun, and then Mars -- both symbolizing the man, the father, the bridegroom. The Sun with Cupido/AS adds community and the day, and Mars brings in the action -- connections leading to marriage. The list goes on... 

... So, per Uranian methods, utilizing some TNPs, this is a clear statement of a beautiful wedding day. Will the marriage be successful is another story. Consider the darkness of the Moon, and that by modern standards it is Void; and that the ruler of the First and Seventh houses are not connected (though they do share the same planetary lord: Venus). Either way it was a profoundly beautiful day -- and was captured in the exact midpoints and planetary pictures of the day.