What's happening in Japan?!

I've been writing on facebook this week, since the earthquake, that I thought there would be more in store for Japan. This is because there have been some major planetary energies joining the picture. First, and quite importantly, Mars has been running with Saturn on the cardinal axis--the world's stage--in addition to Uranus. At its worst the energy of Mars Saturn brings interruption and forced separation, sickness, and destruction (which we've already seen), and at its best, discipline and endurance. With Uranus though - added is an element of shock or surprise.

Saturn is also aligned with Zeus (TNP), now through September, and while Mars was meeting up with Saturn he was also having his dance with Zeus. Zeus is a point that represents explosives, fire, even nuclear threat.... especially with a combination like Mars + Saturn = Uranus (!). Saturn Zeus on its own can symbolize a lack of work (as Zeus = machines), the breakdown of machines (or Unions?), loss from fire, oppression, and so on. For this time though I think these particular combos are/were definitely pointing to major nuclear energy issues and explosions. 

Late last week, as I was considering Uranus' ingress into Aries (which only happens every 84 years), I was looking on the 90 degree dial--often used for event oriented astrology--and noted this important Mars Saturn combo. The next day, off the coast of Sendai on March 11, 2011, the earthquake happened. Following that, a terribly destructive tsunami. And now some major nuclear issues. There are many astrological indicators that we can examine for what has occurred. My wish and hope for now and in the future is for astrologers to align (both amongst themselves and also with leaders in science and government), and utilize the many timing indicators astrology has to offer to prevent further damage or to potentially minimize it.  

From the chart of the earthquake there were quite literal expressions or indicators of what might follow. One indicator points specifically to issues with radiation. 

Notice at that moment, Poseidon was running precisely with the MC. Poseidon can represent spirituality and light--as in enlightenment, and people who are high-minded. (Consider how the Japanese are reacting to these catastrophes, with discipline and calm, there has been no looting.) Poseidon however may also indicate radiation here. 

And there are several combinations here that describe an earthquake exactly. Most of them include Uranus, sometimes Zeus or Admetos. Admetos symbolizes the beginning or end of life, things underground or coming from the ground, and raw beginnings. 

One combo: Sun + Uranus - Aries = Sun (which is the timer for the "day")

Another is: Uranus + Zeus - Hades = Moon  (which is the timer for the "hour")

A third: Aries + Zeus - Admetos = AS/Mercury (which is the "minute")

And finally (and powerfully): Uranus + Admetos = Admetos (+ Jupiter)

This last combination is frighteningly descriptive. Alfred Witte's "Rules for Planetary Pictures" states:

"Sudden rupture-like separation. Shock commotion. Destruction through convulsion. Earthquake..".

I don't know what to say or do in the midst of watching events like these transpire, as we are all witness to much difficulty. I hope the energy of that Mars Saturn will compel people to do what's right and act with integrity, strength, and fortitude.

My personal hope is that astrology will be taken more seriously in the world; utilized to prevent or minimize damage in events like these. We could be participating in changing the way we help and serve people all over the planet.