Post Valentine Blues?

Beginning February 15 (and in effect until February 18) Venus and Mars join the antiscia of Saturn|Neptune on the cardinal axis. These planets fall symmetrically around 0 Cancer. Their current approximate planetary positions are: Venus 10 Aries, Mars 19 Virgo, Saturn 29'30 Libra, and Neptune 0'30 Pisces. 

While Venus|Mars would typically signify something quite desirable, with Saturn|Neptune the passion is obscured. More general themes related to SA|NE are sensitivity, as in psychic sensitivity or paranoia and irrational fear, sometimes illness or lack. The high side of SA|NE is making the ideal real, and bringing the spiritual into the mundane. With VE|MA added to the equation, there could be a feeling of love lost or destroyed or may be experienced as a lack of creative or sexual energy and drive.

An alternative to feeling loss of love or a lack of passion is to direct one's attention to devotional activities or to doing something of service for someone in need. VE|MA can be very devotional in and of itself (as they are the primary and secondary trigon (or triplicity) lords for the three Water signs) and may be made more so with SA|NE.  

It's a good time to remember to be extra gentle and compassionate with yourself and with others.