Planets in antiscia and contra-antiscia reflect one another across the cardinal axis. The cardinal axis (also known as the Aries Point) is essentially the node of the Sun, and is a point we all share. When planets connect by antiscia or contra-antiscia, a planetary pair is formed. These pairs provide insight into the energy of the day as well as enriching natal chart delineation. Why antiscia...    

Happy New Year!
The first day of 2013 finds Venus Pluto in antiscion. In Reinhold Ebertin's classic text, The Combination of Stellar Influences, keywords for Venus Pluto include: "Fanatic love, the desire for sensual pleasure, lasciviousness" as well as "A strong feeling of love... an unusual measure of procreative power, a special artistic giftedness". These planets (falling in Sagittarius and Capricorn respectively) are active for everyone on this day - and have to do with the development (Pluto) of love, harmony, hope, and creativity (Venus). What does this mean for you as you set intentions for the new year?

To use the list below, simply blend the meanings of the planets in combination. 

  • Bold dates indicate a particular planetary expression is exact (within 10 minutes of arc).
  • Dates showing only one planet indicate its ingress into a cardinal sign (meaning: it is sitting directly on the cardinal axis and so should feature prominently that day).
  • Those with a (c) indicate contra-antiscia - symmetrical arrangements around the Aries/Libra axis.
  • The date(s) the planetary pair is formed is listed on the left - the date & time of perfection is listed on the right.     

January 2013

(day of month) (day/time – all times PST)

1, 2  Venus|Pluto  1 – 09:05

1, 2, 3, 4  Mars|Node  3 – 12:33

3, 4  Mercury|Venus  4 – 02:07

8, 9  Venus (0 CAP)

11, 12, 13  Sun|Jupiter (c)  12 – 20:48

14, 15  Mercury|Jupiter (c)  14 – 22:06

18, 19, 20  Mars|Saturn  19 – 03:46

22, 23  Mercury|Node  23 – 11:10

26, 27  Sun|Node  27 – 06:20

26, 27, 28  Venus|Jupiter (c)  27 – 17:21

29, 30  Mercury|Saturn  29 – 21:28

Love is in the Air (sign that is)

The ingress of Venus into Libra today (7:40pm PDT) puts her directly on the Cardinal axis, and so in the world.

Situations and/or people might look more attractive for a spell. It may even seem easier to smooth things over with niceties, pleasantries, and pretty ideas. But it won't last long. Venus is in an applying opposition to Uranus, exact on Saturday, and an applying square to Pluto. All this week she'll be more and more agitated if things are not authentic. (Refer to my previous post if you'd like more keywords for Venus Uranus.)

Venus is indeed dignified in Libra, Venus likes to be in Liba. But her connection to Uranus and Pluto will likely strip her of any superficial comfort... If it's not real, it's not gonna last. 

This week Uranus and Pluto demand depth, genuineness, and totally honest interactions - even if brutally honest - they wouldn't have it any other way! 



And, yes, Pablo Picasso's Venus was in Libra.