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John Carpenter

John Carpenter


Night Chart  


Saturn Node + Pisces Moon
 (Saturn at bendings of Nodes; Moon in final degree and third decan of Pisces, and bounds of Saturn) 

Prominent Neptune  film, imagination, the unreal and projected
 + Uranus on Midheaven (shock factor) 

Moon Neptune  parallel southern declination
 ~ film, illusion, prophecy, music

Sun Hades  square
 (Sun applies to wonderfully notorious TNP, Hades, ruling secrets, decay, catastrophes, garbage, death, murder)

Mars Rising  above Ascendant (in Mars' bounds) in technical Virgo
 (Mars with its natural cutting/cathartic attributes inhabits the mental sphere of the whole sign first house)

Mars Neptune  =  Ascendant (midpoint)
 ~ the will directed toward fantasy and the arts

Sun in cold, dry Capricorn  (by night)  in the fifth house of Venus' Joy: arts, music, fortune
 (Sun tightly connected -sees- the Ascendant by trine)

Moon in Setting Place  (seventh house) and increasing in light
~ waxing/gains in place of setting sun (death)

Saturn Awards  Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films ~ many for Best Music :  
  Listen to John Carpenter here.


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The Ugly Truth? March 19 Full Moon


The Full Moon occuring on March 19 is being called a super moon because it is particularly close to the earth. The exact time of the Full Moon is 11:10AM PDT (2:10PM EDT). Occurring in the tropical and sidereal signs of Pisces and Virgo, this lunation emphasizes concepts of sacrifice and/or service. The Sun and Moon sit tropically at 28 degrees 47 minutes (chart below).

Interesting to note the Heliacal Rising star for the day is Deneb Algedi, located in the sea goat's tail in the constellation of Capricornus. Deneb Algedi, the "ancient law giver," is a justice-oriented star and, according to Bernadette Brady, is symbolic of an "ancient god who was seeking to bring civilization to his people." It promotes benefic rulers. And when it's rising she says it relates to the seeking of "legal, physical or metaphysical laws that govern the world," and of "knowledge or solutions... endeavoring to help others in one's community." I think the reference to serving our community is quite interesting here, as is the mention of physical or metaphysical laws (or limits) governing the world. We'll return to this idea when we consider Hades, another important point in the lunation chart. 

The Heliacal Setting star for the day is Regulus. A star located in the heart of the lion in the constellation of Leo. This star points to "the need to avoid revenge." It can indicate success and natural talent (military success is related to Regulus as well), but one must be careful to avoid hubris and excessive anger. 

Could we say:  The time for revenge and dictatorship is Setting (or needs to set) -- and the time for service in one's community and benefic leadership is on the Rise..? As always, I hope so.

Full Moon chart on the pie wheel set in Washington DC:

dc supermoon.jpg

There are many interesting points to note with this Full Moon. It is square the nodal axis and square the Dec 21, 2010 Total Lunar Eclipse. Jupiter is culminating, while Saturn lies at the Nadir. The Mercury Saturn opposition has passed, but is actually very strong by paran (chart at bottom of this article). Other important parans for the day are: Moon rising (E) with Uranus setting (W), and Mercury Jupiter rising (E) while Pluto culminates (M). Parans are important combined planetary statements. For more information on parans see my previous post

Now I'll head to the 90 degree dial, with the TNPs (transNeptunian planets - used commonly by Uranian or Symmetrical astrologers). On the dial there is something that catches our attention right away: Hades

super moon dc 90.jpg

(See Hades snuggled right in between the Sun and Moon.)

Hades (the symbol at the top of this article - a waning crescent with a cross) is a hypothetical planet, though it very likely has a body floating around out there in the Kuiper belt somewhere. In addition to symbolizing things used, old, and thrown out, it signifies those things which are hidden or from the past and therefore relates to astrology and the occult. 

Hades sometimes carries with it connotations of sickness and deformity and importantly nursing, i.e. providing relief to those things (including parts of ourselves and other people or places) that we'd rather not look at. In its highest expression it relates to selfless service, pure unadulterated service provided without ego-attachment or a need for recognition. It is giving even though you may receive nothing in return. This echoes (the Full Moon) Virgo/Pisces - and is a perfect synthesis of the two.

At this lunation, Hades is in a precise square to the Sun and Moon. It currently presides in 28 deg 47 min of Gemini (the exact degree and minute of this mutable Full Moon). And it sits very close to the Nodes (the south node specifically). The Nodes signify connections - fated, possibly karmic, and just unions generally. Hades with the Nodes will likely bring a greater concentration of, and focus on, things like poverty and stormy circumstances, even literally stormy weather and floods. It may contribute to an increased interest in hidden knowledge, objects,or people; thingsfrom the past. It may also signify bringing to light (Full Moon) some criminal activity or deeply buried secrets held by governments or others in power. 

If we direct our attention specifically to the Sun Moon Hades combination, some other important points also come into focus. 

supermoon dc hades.jpg

You can see on the dial some other points are strongly connected (note the midpoint lines tying these objects together) to this Full Moon. Two more hypothetical planets are illuminated: Cupido and Apollon. But even if we took these points out, we would be left with the Full Moon occurring at the precise Neptune Ascendant midpoint (for Washington DC). This is powerful and ought to be quite descriptive. Will there be more fraud and deceipt coming to light, or being actively hidden? Neptune Ascendant also signifies weakness or illness, even poisons; who is at risk, who needs healing - the government, the American people? Likely both.

Yet another expression of Neptune Ascendant is sensitivity. Some could likely use a little more, especially if it means developing more compassion and trusting intuition instead of listening to the 'experts' or to people who don't have your best interest in mind. Neptune Ascendant can dissolve things too. Aren't we, as a collective, in the midst of recognizing just how much there is to "clean up?" Neptune, like water, is a universal solvent.  

Speaking of cleaning, other Hades significations are things dirty, ruined, ugly, or just plain mean. Hades also rules catastrophes. To be blunt, I think this lunation is forcing us to look at the ugly truth. With the other two TNPs playing into this picture, Apollon with Neptune, and Cupido with Pluto, the ugly truth gets more descriptive. It is one involving corruption, mass deception, and "bad smelling matters" (Neptune Apollon = Hades per Alfred Witte's book, Rules for Planetary Pictures), where social and family conditions are in decline and communities are suffering (Pluto Cupido = Hades). In light of Japan's earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear issues; dictators killing their people; and increased attention finally illuminating our country's greedy and malicious Wall Street bank robbers, is it really a surprise we'd find this reflected in the current lunation?

So how can we use these energies to serve something more positive? By actively directing them into something for the common good. I think we must take action. We must participate in the solution. Uranus, the planet of revolution and change, is part of this picture too and there is no time to waste. Contribute in whatever tiny way you can. Drive your car less. Better yet, sell it! Especially if it's a gas-guzzling S.U.V. The days of mass-consumption are Over. Participate in making a better future (ensure a future period), don't turn the other way and contribute to the problem. (Okay, enough ranting..)

One last thing I'd like to point out about these combinations is that they are actually quite beautiful for those interested in or who study and practice ancient astrology. It is a highly favorable time for the occult sciences. The wisdom of the past meets a science for the future.  

Ne + Ap = Ha  Su  Mo

Paran chart :

supermoon paran best.jpg

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