MODEST Mouse Sun|Saturn

Take a realistic approach...

Be practical with all that you do these three days, September 5-7, while Sun Saturn stand on the cardinal axis. If you don't have your feet firmly on the ground, you could find increased problems or obstacles popping up.

Saturn, like "sat" in Sanskrit meaning the ideal, or "satya" truth, emphasizes right and wrong / true and false. Therefore being honest with yourself, keeping commitments, and applying a good dose of patient determination to whatever you pursue is tremendously appropriate now. 

The Hermit lies in Saturn's domain too, so, if at all possible, work alone. And if you can't make a day in seclusion a reality, do your work with as much integrity and rigor as possible.

It is time to be cautious and attentive to details. Avoid misunderstandings by stating things clearly, and take a break if you need one.