Sun|Mars comes to Venus|Saturn Wanna Fight and Break Up?

This morning the Sun aligns with Mars on the cardinal axis and meets up with the already present Venus Saturn combination that began yesterday. While Venus Saturn emphasizes a more practical tone to our creative endeavors or ways of loving, it can also cause separation from the things or people we love - even if it's just in our mind. With Sun Mars moving into the picture, representing many things including using our will and vitality to pursue some aim, the need to be active is paramount otherwise there may be a tendency toward more aggressive expressions. To me this has a Big Fight and Break Up written all over it, in some form or manifestation, likely not literally. 

There are however other ways to look at and work with these combined planetary pairs, and we shouldn't miss the opportunity to make them work for us! 

The duty and discipline inherent in Venus Saturn melds well with Sun Mars if you channel the urge for work and activity into a project or some commitment that you feel passionate about. It's also got a nice feel of follow through - the drive is there to carry out some important task, if it's something you value enough.