ANTISICA July/2013

Planets in antiscia and contra-antiscia reflect one another across the cardinal axis. The cardinal axis (sometimes called the Aries Point) is essentially the node of the Sun and is a point we all share. It is the intersection of two Great Circles: the ecliptic (the sun's path = our zodiac) and the earth's equator. A planetary pair is formed when planets connect across the cardinal axis; similar to planetary pairs formed by planets in aspect or in conjunction, planets in antiscia are making a terrestrial statement. Planetary pairs provide insight into the energy of the day, as well as enriching natal and dynamic chart delineation. More on antiscia here...    

To use the list below, simply blend the meanings of the planets in combination. 

  • Bold dates indicate a particular planetary expression is exact (within 10 minutes of arc).
  • Dates showing only one planet indicate its ingress into a cardinal sign (meaning: it is sitting directly on the cardinal axis and ought to feature prominently that day).
  • Those with a (c) indicate contra-antiscia - a symmetrical arrangement around the Aries/Libra axis.
  • The date[s] the planetary pair is formed is listed on the left - and the date & time of its perfection is on the right.    

Not a whole lot going on per antiscia this month. However, there is a potent grand trine occurring in WATER on July 15, 16, 17 which happens along with a Uranus station (retrograde @ 12'31 Aries). The Moon comes to (and activates) this triangular matrix between Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune on July 16 at 4:00pm (PDT) ~ deep breath for a deep dive. There is also an extraordinary grand sextile happening later in the month! Charts below.

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Day of month + Planet/Planetary Pair + Day/Time @ exact (PDT)

July 2013

10, 11  Venus Node  (c)  11 – 01:44

12, 13  Mars (0 CAN)

17, 18  Venus Saturn  (c)  18 – 03:52


Moon joins Saturn @ 4'52 Scorpio - activating the grand trine configuration between Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune. 

Moon activating grand trine in Washington DC. 

The chart above is set for Washington DC. Note when the Moon comes to Saturn in Scorpio, in the eleventh whole sign house from the Ascendant, the Moon is very near its deepest point of debilitation (03 Scorpio) and the out of sect malefic Mars (meaning the more difficult hard working planet in a daytime chart) is also debilitated (in Cancer) and is setting on the Descendant. There we also find an exalted Jupiter (thankfully) and retrograde Mercury (of interest). Pluto in Capricorn is rising. Neptune in Pisces in the third house is connected by trine to both Saturn and Jupiter. And the Lot of fortune is positioned in the fourth whole sign house with a stationing retrograde Uranus. Venus in Leo "sees" (aspects by strong sextile) the Midheaven in Libra, a place where Venus has dignity; that's nice.
Will be interesting to see what manifests. 

Addendum: There is a march planned for Tuesday (a day ruled by Mars) July 16 in Tallahassee Florida to protest the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the killing of Trayvon Martin. 

"...Phillip Agnew, executive director of Dream Defenders, a coalition of young people of color in Florida formed after Martin’s death. They have called for a "Takeover Tuesday" protest in Florida’s capital of Tallahassee on July 16. "I think we need to look at the environment that created a situation that grew a George Zimmerman and snuffed out a Trayvon Martin," Agnew says. "The fact is, our society programs people to be afraid of young people — young people of color specifically."

Later in July: 


A very rare and spectacular grand sextile! 

This grand sextile on July 29 is made up of the Moon, Jupiter, Mars (+ Mercury), Venus, Saturn, Pluto, and Neptune and has offshoots to both the Sun and Uranus  - which means every planet is in attendance. It's party time, for better or worse. Though at least this time around both the Sun and Moon are dignified (Sun rules Leo and Moon is exalted in Taurus - unlike the chart above with a highly debilitated Moon). The fixed square also shares more sympathy than some as they're connected by antiscia (by sign), the square to a void Uranus is where we find  potential for disruption and upset.