Reflections / Shadows / Symmetries  =  Antiscia

Planets in antiscia and contra-antiscia reflect each other across the cardinal axis. This axis is formed by the four seasonal turning points: the zero degree entry point of each cardinal sign. The cardinal axis is essentially the node of the Sun and is a point we all share. It is the intersection of two Great Circles: the ecliptic, which is the sun's path (i.e., the tropical zodiac), and the earth's equator. Planets connect in antiscia when they reflect or mirror one another across this axis. Like a planetary statement made by two planets in aspect or conjunction, planets in antiscia make a terrestrial (or mundane) statement: a statement for the world which is relevant for everyone. Therefore planets in antiscia can provide insight into the energy of the day, as well as help to enrich your natal and dynamic chart delineations. More on antiscia here...  

Chart for last month's ingress into Capricorn:

2016 Capricorn Ingress
Long-standing signatures: Uranus Neptune + Jupiter Neptune
Venus on cardinal axis @ 15 fixed (15AQU49)
Saturn advances on Ascendant for Washington, DC (again)

Some basic antiscia interpretations for the 2016 SOLSTICE (from Ebertin's Combination of Stellar Influences) : 

Jupiter Neptune = Sun
A lack of self-control, irresponsibility, speculation, a squandering of physical strength. - The act of deceiving or the misfortune of being deceived. 

Uranus Neptune = Sun
Lack of vitality, a sensitive physique, impressionability. - Unconsciousness, illness, lifelessness or impassiveness. (Epilepsy).

I first wrote about the long-standing Uranus Neptune contra-antiscia back in May 2015. (And it may be noteworthy that Donald Trump announced his campaign for the presidency the month after, on June 16, 2015.) Read Ed Tamplin's take on this.

This is from May 2015:

Things are about to get (even more) weird... 

URANUS NEPTUNE = cardinal axis. This pair will move into within a half degree contra-antiscion at the end of this month, and will remain in exact contra-antiscia for the rest of this season (spring, in the northern hemisphere) and for much the summer (as well as spring, fall and winter of 2016). That means Uranus, the planet of tension, excitement, innovation, and all things electrifying, is moving into the exact shadow point of Neptune, a planet of fantasy, impressionability, reception, and sometimes dissolution or chaos.

From my perspective, (at its best) this has METAPHYSICS, intensified discourse about death or alternate states of consciousness, shadow work, and the 'underworld' (or otherworld) written all over it. And that could be a very good thing. 

This planetary pair will be active for everyone since it is happening on the cardinal axis, i.e., symmetrical to the Aries point. But it may be even more pronounced or meaningful for you if you have personal planets on the cardinal axis or in antiscia. For directions on how to find these points in a chart, please see the Description page; or you can contact me for a mentoring session or consultation

Here are some excerpts on the UR NE pair from The Combination of Stellar Influences, by Reinhold Ebertin, and Alfred Witte's Rules for Planetary Pictures:

  • The elimination of the waking consciousness
  • + The development and growth of the sub-conscious powers or forces, inner vision, inner illumination and enlightenment, inspiration, idealism, an interest in spiritual subjects, religious problems, mysticism, art. 
  • - Lacking control of the waking consciousness leads to want of clearness. Instability, lack of emotional balance, nervous sensitiveness, wrong ideas, one-sidedness. 
  • Mystics, people engaged in psychical research, mediums. 


  • Suddenly incapacitated. Unconsciousness. Checkmated. Transition into the beyond. Crisis. Dead persons. Revolution. Psychic. 
  • - Aries point: Metaphysics. Occultism. Funerals. Cemeteries.  


"religious problems"?... hmmm

Maybe moral problems (here in the US)...  And with all the fake news and misinformation last year- I'd say there has definitely been a kind of consciousness eliminated. Lies, misleading, and totally abhorrent rhetoric prevailed (and still does). Naivety, disillusionment, and a desire to 'return' to a time that's never existed were strong themes; as well as a powerful need for a kind of revolution, however destructive... The world is watching with fear. 

With Jupiter Neptune, the other major configuration, due to Jupiter meeting up with Uranus in opposition, reminds me of a similar arrangement to another long-standing combination that occurred on the cardinal axis during Occupy Wall Street. These planets together speak to fraud and speculation, banks and bankruptcy, legal issues and corruption, even a 'degradation in systems of justice' (as quoted from Michael Munkasey's book on Midpoints).

Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune have remained in these antiscia and contra-antiscia placements for longer than normal due to recent and coming stations (moving in and out of retrograde motion). 

To use the list of antiscia below, simply blend the meanings of planets in combination. 

  • All connections are within 30 minutes of arc or less.
  • Dates showing one planet indicate its ingress onto the cardinal axis (meaning it's at zero cardinal and ought to feature prominently that day).
  • Those with a (c) indicate contra-antiscia: symmetrical arrangement around the Aries/Libra axis, aka: equal rising signs.

In addition to the books I reference on this page, an online resource for planetary pairs and midpoints is this one by John Sandbach. Or you can simply apply your basic astrological understanding of the planets. Think of the pairs and combinations as conjunctions; and remember you can consider their shared or reflected dignity and reception. 


1   Mars|Neptune Uranus (c)

1   Jupiter Neptune

119   Uranus Neptune (c)

2   Moon Jupiter

2   Moon|Neptune Uranus (c)

3, 4, 5   Mercury rx (0 CAP) 

4   Moon (0 ARI) 

4   Moon Chiron (c) 

5   Moon Mars (c) 

5   Moon|Uranus Neptune (c)

6   Moon Node

Shortly after the full moon at 23 CANCER: 
Venus meets up with Neptune and reflects Uranus
while Mercury stands on the cardinal axis (again)

6   Moon Venus (c)  

9   Moon Sun (c) 

9   Moon Pluto (c) 

9, 10, 11   Venus Jupiter

10   Moon (0 CAN) 

10   Moon Mercury (c) 

11   Moon Saturn (c) 

11, 12, 13   Mercury (0 CAP) 

11, 12   Venus|Neptune Uranus (c) 

15   Moon Jupiter (c) 

15   Moon Uranus

17   Moon (0 LIB) 

17   Moon Mars Chiron

18   Moon Venus 

18   Moon Neptune

19   Moon Node 

19, 20   Mercury Saturn

21   Moon Sun

23   Moon Pluto

23   Moon Mercury

24   Moon (0 CAP)

25   Moon Saturn 

26, 27, 28, 29   Mars (0 ARI)

Venus Mars reflection with the Moon

Venus Mars reflection with the Moon

29   Moon Jupiter

30   Moon Uranus (c) 

30, 31   Venus Mars

31   Moon|Venus Mars (c) 

31   Moon|Mars Venus (c) 


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