Your monthly installment of planetary antiscia and contra antiscia is here.

Bold dates indicate the strongest day for a particular planetary expression. Dates showing only one planet indicate its ingress into a Cardinal sign (or 15 degree Fixed), i.e. it is sitting directly on the Cardinal axis and so should feature prominently that day. Those marked with an asterisk are antiscia formed around the midpoint of two Cardinal signs, which is always at 15 degrees Fixed. Those with a (c) indicate contra antiscia and are symmetrical arrangements around the Aries/Libra axis.


February 2012

1st–29th – Saturn|Neptune

4th – Sun *

4th – Sun|Mercury *

5th – Mercury *

5th6th – Venus|Uranus (c)

7th, 8th – Venus

7th8th9th, 10th – Mars|Pluto *

11th – Mercury|Jupiter (c)

13th, 14th – Mercury|Saturn *

13th14th, 15th – Sun|Jupiter (c)

16th17th, 18th – Venus|Mars

18th19th, 20th – Sun|Saturn

21st – Mercury|Venus (c)

25th – Mercury|Pluto *

25th – Venus|Node *

26th, 27th – Sun|Venus (c)

28th, 29th – Mercury|Uranus (c)