Gemini or Taurus the Bull

While the Moon is in the sign of Gemini today and tomorrow she is actually passing through the constellation of the great Bull, Taurus.  


Last night the Moon moved right beneath Alcyone, the brightest star of the Pleiades --a cluster of seven stars in the shoulder of the Bull (at 0-1 degree Gemini). Alcyone is connected with inner vision, and though it can bring mystical abilities it also carries with it the potential for judgmental anger and narrow-mindedness.

Today her path takes her right along the neck of the Bull, and by tomorrow morning she'll be tangled in his horns. The star in the tip of his horn, El Nath, the tip being the point of attack, relates to weaponry. This could be a literal weapon or having a sharp tongue. While it is thought to be a place of good fortune by some, it is certainly an area (if one has planets around 21 -23 degrees Gemini) that must be used conscientiously.


And I bet you thought Gemini was just an inquisitive, talkative, playful sign, didn't you?

Consider what it means that most of the sign Gemini carries with it an undercurrent of this great Bull....