A time to contemplate impermanence.  

Francesca Woodman from Angel Series

Today: retrograde Mercury reconnects to Saturn in Scorpio near the north node of the Moon. (The lunar nodes are the eclipse points.) Saturn is the planet of truth. The Babylonians called Saturn Ninurta, and he held the tablets of fate and was known as the overseer of destiny. Mercury, known to the Babylonians as Nabu, was thought of as the scribe to the Gods. Mercury rules over communication, thinking, media, and marketing. At this time, governmental surveillance is further exposed and truths are emerging about the reality of the environmental predicament we are facing on earth, a predicament observable in our increasingly strange weather patterns and extreme storms, with likely more coming; news of 'nightmare' bugs and bacteria; and Fukushima's not impossible apocalyptic scenario. These facts coming to light will make many feel uneasy. Mercury Saturn is serious or deep thinking, and can be experienced literally as bleak news or a depressing state of mind. It is also logic and philosophy - exploring the depths and fundamental reality of things.

I think it is important to go further into the experience on a personal level now. Don't turn away from it. Use this time to really contemplate what gives your life meaning. Be honest, if only with yourself. Despair can be generative, but to what end? It is a time for facing the truth squarely, so that we can open the door to innovative ideas and stand up for what we know is right and just. Our survival depends on it. There is no time other than now. 

Mercury Saturn connect @ 13°19 Scorpio, today, October 29th. 
Mercury Sun connect @ 9°34 Scorpio when Uranus Pluto square perfects, Friday, November 1st. 
Mercury Node connect at the time of the Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse @ 11°15 Scorpio, Sunday, November 3rd.  

Mercury Saturn conjunction today (Seattle)                      Upcoming Eclipse chart for Washington, DC 

From the Omens of Babylon: Astrology and Ancient Mesopotamia (1994) Michael Baigent
The Combination of Stellar Influences (1972) Reinhold Ebertin

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