Aries Ingress 2017

You've seen the Aries Ingress [Equinox] chart for 2017? 

Chart set for Washington, DC

b r u t a l .

"On the calamities of the year". . . 

Note Neptune rising on the local Ascendant. Deception? Disillusionment, confusion, leaks, drugs, oil, oceans...... And the partile (exact) conjunction of the Moon applying to out of sect Saturn (by 4 minutes arc) in the tenth house of government and those in command. Domicile (sign) ruler of the Ascendant and Midheaven, Jupiter, is retrograde in Libra in the eighth house. Bound lord (and exaltation lord) of the Ascendant, Venus, is also retrograde, combust, and in detriment in Aries.

Excerpts from Reinhold Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences:

Principle:  An impressionable person.
Psychological Correspondence:
+  Impressionability, sensitiveness, a sympathetic or compassionate and innate understanding of other people.
-  A lack of resistance and stamina, the inability to maintain one's place or position in the world, the inclination to be influenced by others, moodiness. 
C  The inability to gain success in life, the tendency to lay oneself open to exploitation by other people thus serving as a willing tool for the achievement of other people's selfish purposes, the act of deceiving or cheating others.
Biological Correspondence:  Illusions or deceptions of the senses. - "Skin crawling."
Sociological Correspondence:  Insincere people, liars, crooks. - Sensitives, mediums. 
Probable Manifestations: 
+  Becoming dominated by or subjected to the influence of other people, the inclination to make strange or peculiar contacts with other people. 
-  An abuse or betrayal of confidence, falsehood, deceit, the experience of disappointment and disillusionment.

Neptune in House I:  Hypersensitiveness, confusion, a person without aims or objectives, insane and mad ideas. 

Principle: Self-control. 
Psychological Correspondence:  
+  The control of the feelings, self-control, thoughtfulness, the feeling of selfhood, a sense of duty, care and attention, circumspection or considerateness, conscientiousness. 
-  Uncommunicativeness, feelings of inferiority, changes of mood, melancholy, self-will, anxiety, lack of self-confidence, mirthlessness, the fear of being compromised or exposed by indiscreet action. 
C  Self-control, abstemiousness, thrift, selfishness, the tendency to grumble or to find fault. 
Sociological Correspondence:  Inhibited, lonely and sad people. The lonely woman or mother. 
Probable Manifestations: 
+  The tendency or inclination to build upon the tradition of the family or vocation, inherited or assigned positions, difficult advancement in life, often alone in life. 
-  Disadvantages or worries through the family, psychical depressions, estrangement or separation from the wife or mother, isolation. 

From my perspective, one of the best possible manifestations of Neptune rising here in the US is that we might expect to see arts, artists, musicians, etc., front and center this year. (Please let it not be ALL ABOUT OIL. Ugh.) 

As for Moon Saturn, you also get: a depressed populace
I don't know about you, but I am down. in. the. dumps. with regards to our post-fact, anti-science, alternative-whatever this so-called leadership is promoting. Propaganda continues to be rampant, and people are stressed.

From the 8th century Persian astrologer, Masha'Allah's work: On the Revolution of the Years of the World

Chapter 37: On the calamities of the year

Know that the year will be made severe. if there were malefics in the part of the upper circle, and in the northern part, and especially if Mars committed his own disposition to Saturn: because Saturn signifies grave things, and long-lasting ones, concerning the appearance of detriment in the earth, and the weakness of the king, and the taking away of faith and religion; and robberies will be multiplied, and contentions, and especially if one of the malefics were in the Midheaven. 

And in addition, look at the Moon: because if she committed her own disposition to Saturn from the lower part of the subterranean circle, it signifies tribulation and detriment and the changing of the kingdom. And if the Moon pushed her light to Saturn, and were with him [in the same sign] or in the square aspect or in the opposition, it will be that much worse. 

And look likewise at the Sun just as you have looked at the Moon: because if he were received, it signifies the fitness of evil.

And know that the benefics signify the loosening of evil, and its taking away, if they were strong in their place, having good testimony. And if they were direct, they signify good and fitness. . . .

Looks like quite a year ahead. 

Finally, a couple of Uranian methods reiterate issues with oil and war and faulty leadership on the 360 dial. 
Please take care. 


Neptune ZEUS
Gas war, unsuccessful war leaders , defeats, Impotence, Failure, exploding gas, Liquid fuel
= Aries + Sun

With Jupiter
productive oil wells, Luck in Alcohol

(per Alfred Witte)