November News

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unable to find photo credit

This month I'll be presenting at the Astrology Restored conference in Cape Town, South Africa. I opted for a photo of Jimi Hendrix here because I'll be exploring his chart in one of my talks -- and November is his birth month! (See his natal chart below.) I've been a fan of his music since I was a kid. My mom had all his original records and we played them habitually. As a fellow Seattle native, Hendrix has always been a favorite inspiration.

Speaking of music, and not overtly astrological in nature but 'infused with the astrological emanations of the season,'  you might like to check out Frederick Woodruff's latest cosmix. Find it on AstroInquiry.

As I mentioned in the last newsletter, there's been an influx of interest and new membership for the Symmetrical Astrology facebook group. I'd love to keep the momentum going. Please feel free to find us, join in and participate! star among many..

Charlie Obert has another thoughtful piece up on his website on being aware of our worldview and values as astrologers. He points out how we "no longer have a single viewpoint, a single standard of values that is normative...." 

And that this requires "..a balanced perspective that emphasizes both the individual and the greater interactive whole. Not either/or, but both/and."

"The individual is not the one center of the Universe; equally, the individual is not reduced to one faceless atom in a larger collective, that forgoes its own point of view for the sake of the whole."

See his post: A Change in the Cosmos

Finally, here is the birth chart of Jimi Hendrix on the 360 degree dial: 

Note the many fabulous antiscia and contra-antiscia connections! That is a lot of excitement on the world's stage. The fact that all those planets are in aversion (i.e., not in Ptolemaic aspect, so cannot see one another), seems to speak to his particular sound and style. Planets in aversion, as Charlie Obert noted recently in his illuminating Kepler College webinar, can indicate a loss of control or awareness. Hendrix's guitar playing, in my opinion, always veered close to that edge of losing control. His style evoked the thrill of not knowing if something might completely fall apart -- or where it was headed. 

Note too that Hendrix's Venus sits right on the cardinal axis: 7.5 mutable is the midpoint between 15 fixed and the solstice point which gives it cardinal axis status. Later this month, transiting Saturn will come to this degree (near Hendrix's birthday, chart below) when it makes its first exact square with Neptune.

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