Lecture in Ashland, Oregon

I am pleased to announce I will be giving a talk on symmetry at the Southern Oregon chapter of the NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research) on May 19, 2014 at 7:00pm. 

Symmetry in Steps of the Sun : Applying Antiscia

"The sun animates and supports all life on earth. The cardinal axis (i.e., the solstice and equinox points) thus in a sense becomes a living, breathing expression of the divine spark in matter. Antiscia and contra-antiscia are symmetrical arrangements around the cardinal axis. Planets and points in antiscion form an alliance that comes alive in the world. Observed for at least two thousand years, these connections and statements of affinity offer insight into the hidden qualities of each zodiac sign by illuminating its two partner signs. The word antiscia comes from the Greek “scia,” which means shadow, and ant, meaning “opposite.” Antiscia reveal a dialogue between planets, making them a simple and powerful tool in chart delineation and in compatibility and timing applications as they enhance understanding of relationships with others and the world around you. Please join us for what will be a very inspiring evening."