Winter Solstice

The Sun moves into Capricorn today.

Return of the light.  Rebirth?  

Hades on the sea floor while the Sun sets over the mountains. 

Change, sudden separations, or connections - sudden insights, quickening, reform.

Developments, big ideas, travel, commerce, mass communication - secrets want out.

People who control important information or the news.

Plans for modernization.

Greater need for power by religious leaders.

Space exploration.

Revolutionary alliances made or broken.

Popularization of occult, hidden, and ancient knowledge.

Old fashions, secondhand junk, using what is broken or worn out, making do.

Flooding decay.  Experiencing or insights into grief, sickness, death. 

Slavery in cinema continues.  Pitiful pornography still in vogue. 



Recognizing the darkness.  Great cruelty exposed. 

Catastrophe, or the end of a large scale drama played out on the earth's stage... tsunami tidal wave earthquake volcano flood cataclysmic change...   a nightmare, or the conclusion of our earthbound existence in a classical tragedy?  

Hades on the sea floor as the Sun sets over the mountains.