Antiscia in the Thema Mundi

It seems most astrologers regard antiscia and contra-antiscia as a second-rate aspect at best: a connection that may have merit, but one that is certainly not as relevant as the general "Ptolemaic" aspects (sextile, square, trine, opposition, and conjunction). However, this exclusion may be in error especially with degree-based connections.

In the diagram below I have arranged the planets in their places of exaltation and noted how those places connect to each planets' own domiciles (signs). You can see that both benefics, Venus and Jupiter, connect to one of their respective antiscia or contra-antiscia signs (known as seeing and hearing signs to the ancients). Each of the malefics (and Mercury) connects to one of its domiciles by square. The lights, Sun and Moon, connect by trine and sextile to their domiciles. This sets up a schema (diurnal = trine & nocturnal = sextile). For the other shared aspects: nocturnal planets, Venus and Mars, connect to their other domicile by sextile, and diurnal, Jupiter and Saturn, connect by trine. All planets connect in two ways through two aspects. The shared square (for malefics) and antiscia aspects (for benefics) are obvious, and I believe proof of solid efficacy for antiscia.

I hypothesize that aspects by antiscia are as powerful as other aspects. Especially those in close degree-based situations. (I suggest utilizing a three degree orb: 1.5 deg. orb on either side, applying and separating.)

Like with the square, connections by antiscia and contra-antiscia cross boundaries and combine polarity (yin/yang, passive/active, night/day, female/male). This makes the pairs dynamic and alive in the world, much like we see with a square. They are active. They are combinations that demand attention, we must do something with them. This co-mingling of gender along with the symmetry around the four seasonal turning points, or cardinal axis (see other articles), is indicative of a very potent pairing — an energetic alliance that can be easily observed and/or experienced. 

"the cardinal points relate people to the world at large" 
 -Charles Jayne, crediting Alfred Witte

The particular antiscia and contra-antiscia connections shown above could also be viewed as quincunx aspects. However it is undoubtedly relevant that the two exhibited are indeed antiscia (seeing) and contra-antiscia (hearing) links. The ancients regarded these connections as having sympathy and reception. These are signs which share ‘power’ (equal daylight = antiscia), and ascensional or rising time (contra-antiscia).    

“And so, if any stars do not aspect each other in the orderly arrangement of the nativity, it must be inquired whether they are connected to each other by the associated aspect of antiscions. For when they have sent their antiscions thus, they are connected with each other through their antiscions just as [much as] by a trine or square or opposition or sextile aspect...”
-Julius Firmicus Maternus, 4th century astrologer 
in Book 2 Chapter 30 of the Mathesis (Holden translation, 2011) 

“Signs that are disjunct but having sympathy for each other are all the equal-rising signs, and those having equal power, and those of like zone. For example, equal-rising are Aries and Pisces, Gemini and Capricorn, Cancer and Sagittarius, Virgo and Libra; of equal power are Gemini and Cancer, Virgo and Aries, Libra and Pisces, Sagittarius and Capricorn; of like zone are Taurus with Libra, Aries with Scorpio. 

...with the joint risings of the signs and the joint ascensions of the stars...
friendships and sympathies of men and women, and parents and brothers, and friends and slaves.”

-Rhetorius of Egypt, 6th or 7th century, Ch.16 (Holden translation, 2009)

The presence of these aspects in the planetary rulership and dignity schema (arising from the Thema Mundi) is an important reality which should not be denied or dismissed. These points of connection have been too long overlooked. It is time to embrace them fully, and practice utilizing them in all forms of astrology. See for yourself, there is much to uncover with antiscia!

My nearly three-hour long multimedia presentation on antiscia:

(Updated: 06.12.19) 

100% URANIAN readings

eight armed cross

A new offering: Uranian/Hamburg School/Symmetrical/Cosmobiological readings! 

Want one? Please see my consultations

The Hamburg School is known for its accurate prognoses. The Hamburg School’s continuing emphasis on various techniques can probably be traced back to the fact that Witte himself was a technical surveyor. However, its approach also shows a deep spiritual connection. The horoscope is considered to be creative plan for each individual life which is understood as being one in a long cycle of incarnations. The Hamburg School’s view is that astrology is a ‘welcome orientation guide’ on the way to perfection because it helps us get to know what our inner potential is.

Certain factors and stories (themes and/or archetypes) emerge as events — or in our consciousness, at specific times in our lives. In any given moment there are several themes and processes unfolding simultaneously. Sometimes themes overlap and combine to create a wildly potent (sometimes recurring) motif. At other times a moment acts as a trigger for the literal or symbolic (exterior or interior) manifestation of an important issue, event, feeling, transition, or just time in your life. Through examining midpoints, planetary pictures, and antiscia, and a myriad of timing techniques which accompany these methods, we can get a good idea of what is up for you — and how you might work with it.

Midpoints conduct energy. They are focal or funnel points for planetary significations. There are direct and indirect midpoints, the latter slightly less intense. Antiscia falls under this designation as antiscions are simply midpoints around the four cardinal points (Equinoxes and Solstices). The cardinal points are sometimes simply called the Aries Point (and they are literally the sun's nodes). Actually, to be more precise, zero Aries is the ascending node of the sun while zero Libra marks the descending node, which puts the Solstice points at 'the bendings' (or square to) the sun's nodes. [This is something that deserves deeper examination later.]

Planetary pictures vary. Completed planetary pictures are like closed circuits; they speak to major themes in a person's life. And these are periodically triggered, usually in significant and highly dramatic ways. There are also incomplete pictures (a.k.a. Lots) which seek a transit or other direction (or another person's planetary energy) to set off their significations. When this happens (and we can time these things) we have a say in how we respond, i.e., how we channel the energy. While transits and directions are fated (timing is predetermined), how and with whom we relate —and how we react— can be altered through intention, practice, mindfulness, distance and space, and other forms of remediation. 

This system also utilizes TNPs (transNeptunian planets) for nuanced delineation. 
See how Alfred Witte, the creator of the system, discovered them in this article

celestial sky antiscia .jpg

Planetary Pictures or 'Lots' always create an isosceles trapezoid shape in the chart

The midpoint at the center is a significant axis


Those signs reflecting each other across the Solstices (Antiscia) and equinoxes (Contra-antiscia)

these create midpoints focused on the cardinal axis
( = World expression)

Elements of Horror

John Carpenter

John Carpenter


Night Chart  


Saturn Node + Pisces Moon
 (Saturn at bendings of Nodes; Moon in final degree and third decan of Pisces, and bounds of Saturn) 

Prominent Neptune  film, imagination, the unreal and projected
 + Uranus on Midheaven (shock factor) 

Moon Neptune  parallel southern declination
 ~ film, illusion, prophecy, music

Sun Hades  square
 (Sun applies to wonderfully notorious TNP, Hades, ruling secrets, decay, catastrophes, garbage, death, murder)

Mars Rising  above Ascendant (in Mars' bounds) in technical Virgo
 (Mars with its natural cutting/cathartic attributes inhabits the mental sphere of the whole sign first house)

Mars Neptune  =  Ascendant (midpoint)
 ~ the will directed toward fantasy and the arts

Sun in cold, dry Capricorn  (by night)  in the fifth house of Venus' Joy: arts, music, fortune
 (Sun tightly connected -sees- the Ascendant by trine)

Moon in Setting Place  (seventh house) and increasing in light
~ waxing/gains in place of setting sun (death)

Saturn Awards  Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films ~ many for Best Music :  
  Listen to John Carpenter here.


As always, there's so much more to say . . . 


Aries Ingress 2017

You've seen the Aries Ingress [Equinox] chart for 2017? 

Chart set for Washington, DC

b r u t a l .

"On the calamities of the year". . . 

Note Neptune rising on the local Ascendant. Deception? Disillusionment, confusion, leaks, drugs, oil, oceans...... And the partile (exact) conjunction of the Moon applying to out of sect Saturn (by 4 minutes arc) in the tenth house of government and those in command. Domicile (sign) ruler of the Ascendant and Midheaven, Jupiter, is retrograde in Libra in the eighth house. Bound lord (and exaltation lord) of the Ascendant, Venus, is also retrograde, combust, and in detriment in Aries.

Excerpts from Reinhold Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences:

Principle:  An impressionable person.
Psychological Correspondence:
+  Impressionability, sensitiveness, a sympathetic or compassionate and innate understanding of other people.
-  A lack of resistance and stamina, the inability to maintain one's place or position in the world, the inclination to be influenced by others, moodiness. 
C  The inability to gain success in life, the tendency to lay oneself open to exploitation by other people thus serving as a willing tool for the achievement of other people's selfish purposes, the act of deceiving or cheating others.
Biological Correspondence:  Illusions or deceptions of the senses. - "Skin crawling."
Sociological Correspondence:  Insincere people, liars, crooks. - Sensitives, mediums. 
Probable Manifestations: 
+  Becoming dominated by or subjected to the influence of other people, the inclination to make strange or peculiar contacts with other people. 
-  An abuse or betrayal of confidence, falsehood, deceit, the experience of disappointment and disillusionment.

Neptune in House I:  Hypersensitiveness, confusion, a person without aims or objectives, insane and mad ideas. 

Principle: Self-control. 
Psychological Correspondence:  
+  The control of the feelings, self-control, thoughtfulness, the feeling of selfhood, a sense of duty, care and attention, circumspection or considerateness, conscientiousness. 
-  Uncommunicativeness, feelings of inferiority, changes of mood, melancholy, self-will, anxiety, lack of self-confidence, mirthlessness, the fear of being compromised or exposed by indiscreet action. 
C  Self-control, abstemiousness, thrift, selfishness, the tendency to grumble or to find fault. 
Sociological Correspondence:  Inhibited, lonely and sad people. The lonely woman or mother. 
Probable Manifestations: 
+  The tendency or inclination to build upon the tradition of the family or vocation, inherited or assigned positions, difficult advancement in life, often alone in life. 
-  Disadvantages or worries through the family, psychical depressions, estrangement or separation from the wife or mother, isolation. 

From my perspective, one of the best possible manifestations of Neptune rising here in the US is that we might expect to see arts, artists, musicians, etc., front and center this year. (Please let it not be ALL ABOUT OIL. Ugh.) 

As for Moon Saturn, you also get: a depressed populace
I don't know about you, but I am down. in. the. dumps. with regards to our post-fact, anti-science, alternative-whatever this so-called leadership is promoting. Propaganda continues to be rampant, and people are stressed.

From the 8th century Persian astrologer, Masha'Allah's work: On the Revolution of the Years of the World

Chapter 37: On the calamities of the year

Know that the year will be made severe. if there were malefics in the part of the upper circle, and in the northern part, and especially if Mars committed his own disposition to Saturn: because Saturn signifies grave things, and long-lasting ones, concerning the appearance of detriment in the earth, and the weakness of the king, and the taking away of faith and religion; and robberies will be multiplied, and contentions, and especially if one of the malefics were in the Midheaven. 

And in addition, look at the Moon: because if she committed her own disposition to Saturn from the lower part of the subterranean circle, it signifies tribulation and detriment and the changing of the kingdom. And if the Moon pushed her light to Saturn, and were with him [in the same sign] or in the square aspect or in the opposition, it will be that much worse. 

And look likewise at the Sun just as you have looked at the Moon: because if he were received, it signifies the fitness of evil.

And know that the benefics signify the loosening of evil, and its taking away, if they were strong in their place, having good testimony. And if they were direct, they signify good and fitness. . . .

Looks like quite a year ahead. 

Finally, a couple of Uranian methods reiterate issues with oil and war and faulty leadership on the 360 dial. 
Please take care. 


Neptune ZEUS
Gas war, unsuccessful war leaders , defeats, Impotence, Failure, exploding gas, Liquid fuel
= Aries + Sun

With Jupiter
productive oil wells, Luck in Alcohol

(per Alfred Witte) 

new moon 1.27.2017

the new moon at 8 degrees 15 minutes Aquarius
sits on the south node (eclipse point) of the USA (Sibley) chart
and is also at the midpoint of the currently exact Venus Saturn square
happening while Mars approaches the Aries point by just 10 minutes of arc
(Mars on the cardinal axis) is in opposition to the USA midheaven

kate petty nm 2017

Pluto continues to transit the USA ascendant by antiscia (it resides in its shadow point)
while transiting Saturn currently reflects USA's Jupiter by contra-antiscia
and Uranus continues its transit over USA's Chiron



kate petty 2017

the resistance carries on . . . 
and work for a real revolution is underway


June News

Happy Solstice: June 20

Drawing by Emma Kunz

Drawing by Emma Kunz

Greetings. This month we see a solstitial lunation:  

Sun Moon contra-antiscia: After the full moon at 29°33' Sagittarius and just before the solstice

In the charts below for the solstice and past equinox (for Washington, DC), you'll note the Ascendants in both fall very close to one another. This is not out of the ordinary.

What is unusual is the degree of Mars (at the Aries Ingress Ascendant) being picked up and reverberated at the solstice. Peregrine Saturn (this time closely squaring Neptune) advances strongly on the Ascendant, and Jupiter Rahu is on the Midheaven again, though just beginning to retreat. The Sun falls in the eighth house, and the Moon (in detriment in Capricorn) is in the second place of resources. Mercury is powerful and advances on the setting angle (with Fortuna); it is contra-antiscia Pluto.

Listen to Kelly Surtees, Austin Coppock, and Chris Brennan discuss the solstice and the month of June here

I had a fantastic time presenting my material on antiscia for Nightlight last month. If you missed the online seminar, you may purchase it on my website. It runs close to three-hours long and contains many diagrams and slides - especially useful for those of us who are visual learners! Leave me feedback or share your own findings on antiscia on the Symmetrical Astrology group page on Facebook. 

This month we're taking a break from Taking Back Words
That said, I found Charlie Obert's most recent writing to be a version all in itself. His post is a good one. It's on Idols and Idolatry, a topic I personally like to associate with the water element or triplicity. It begins: 

The Fine Art of Idol Making

This a meditation about Idols and idol making – what idols are, the purpose they serve, how we create them, how they can enliven and enrich our lives.

How we can become Idolaters.

Please notice that I am using the term Idolater in a very positive sense. This is very deliberate, and it is the exact inverse of the negative connotation most people place on the world in our Western “Christlemew” culture. (The word “Christlemew” is a coinage by Lon Milo DuQuette to refer to the common religious heritage of Christians, Muslims and Jews.) In that context, to be an Idolater is to worship something other than the one, true God. It assumes a monotheistic, single standard religion. Further, it assumes that God stands transcendent, outside of His creation (yes, I said His). Either Idols are not permitted, or only Idols of the God are permitted – for instance, pictures of Jesus, or statues of Mary or the saints.

I want to recover what is good about an Idol, to examine what the word means, and to consider how using an Idol affects how I relate to the world. I also want to consider how astrology can be enlivened by understanding and using Idols.

The word Idol goes back to a Greek root, eidos, that means image or form.

Enlivening an Idol or Image is basically treating it as if it is alive, as if it embodies or incarnates a living being. You treat it with reverence, talk to it, honor it, offer sacrifices to it, view it with devotion, and over time the Idol will increasingly embody your devotion. It takes on a life of its own... (read on)

A final something to leave you with: 
From The Beginning of Wisdom by Ibn Ezra (trans. Meira Epstein)

“Even though the Moon has [only] one domicile and the Sun has [only] one domicile, as they are both rulers, their domiciles are considered as belonging to one ruler.” 

in footnote: considered as related since they belong to the ruling luminaries ‘homozonia' or ‘like-engirding’


See Antiscia for June here. 

10 Astrology Habits to Break

1. Using the Astrological Alphabet 

Whether you learned this from a teacher or read it in a book, please stop limiting yourself with the application of sign = planet = house style rulership. Indeed, Aries is the domain of Mars, and Taurus the domain of Venus (and on it goes), BUT that does not mean Aries/Mars is the same thing as the first house. It's simply not. A planet associated with war and separation does not equate to the house of Life, Body, and Spirit. And Taurus/Venus does not equal the second house of your income (Jupiter is the planet pertaining to wealth actually). 
Scorpio does not = the eighth, Aquarius does not = eleventh, Pisces does not = twelfth. 

Aries may be the first sign of the zodiac, if you work that way. But there are other ways to work, and other perspectives to take. For instance, Capricorn could be the first sign of the zodiac: when it is darkest in the northern hemisphere, think of a gestating seed. Or if that feels limited, when the sun has bottomed out and begins its travel upwards (from our perspective on earth) from its most southerly declination at the Tropic of Capricorn.

Or you might want to think of the sign Cancer as the first position. As it is the first house in the all-important Thema Mundi (see the diagram below). Vettius Valens, in his Anthology from the second century, writes: it is the house of the moon, feminine, solstitial, the Ascendant to the universe. . . With the Thema Mundi in mind, consider Jupiter's exaltation in Cancer (life giving and life promoting) versus Mars' exaltation in Capricorn (the seventh sign, and traditional house of death: the place of the setting sun). And Libra on the fourth, Saturn's place of exaltation: under ground, under earth, the crypt — also one's family, parents, origins, history, ancestors. Even Valens notes, a diminisher of estates, the Lower Midheaven of the universe . . . And Aries upon the tenth, where of course the Sun is exalted and shines maximally in its culmination: . . .the Midheaven of the universe and the cause of rank, writes Valens. Sexy Scorpio as the fifth sign; divinatory and dream-rich Pisces on the ninth; Aquarius, Saturn's domain (a planet of death) on the eighth; and so on.

Give it thought. Expand your vision, exercise your mind, and end the habit. 

2. Outer Planet Rulership 

In my view it's absurd to even think about ruining the perfection and intelligence of this cosmic symmetry (above). If you still think Aquarius is ruled by Uranus — why? Why the willfulness and defensiveness around it? Actually, that may provide a clue in itself. If you have Aquarius on an important angle in your chart, or your Sun or Moon is there, and you just can't see yourself as Saturnian, you may have a limited perspective on Saturn. See Joseph Crane's Liberating Uranus and Aquarius

As for Mars and Scorpio, do you think it's okay to strip Mars of its transformational qualities? I don't. I doubt Mars does either. Please participate in restoring Mars' wildly potent transmutational and revolutionary sides. Much of this quality comes in and through this planet's connection to the sign Scorpio. Pluto does its own thing; sometimes very unrelated to Scorpio. Think about it.  

Same goes with Pisces and Jupiter. This is the sign of arts and music and great love, precisely because it is the exaltation of VENUS. And it's the sign of spirituality and dreams and exploring the collective psyche and unconscious, because it is the domain of Jupiter. Neptune conveys a few things related, sure, like with film and projected images (tied to the timing of its discovery). But we all know Neptune can signify a lot more than that, sometimes quite troublesome, nebulous, deceitful and draining in nature (significations taken from Saturn, honestly). These are habits of correlation that Pisces and Jupiter (and I) would like to see end. 

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto each mean so much more than what could possibly be derived from the zodiac signs. These are trans-personal, outer planets for a reason. They have more to offer, and to tell us, much like the asteroids actually. They govern over extremes and surprises, genius, and utter destruction, topics and areas that simply transcend the day to day experiences symbolized by the zodiac signs. Please liberate them from this treatment. 

3. Essentially Dignified Planets are always Awesome

So you have a planet in its own sign, huh? Before your ego expands to wild dimension, I'd just like to remind you, so did Jeffrey Dahmer, FOUR of them. 

We say a planet that is essentially dignified has the power to do what it wants. That may or may not be good for the native. And that may or may not be good for anyone else. A planet with power to do what it wants, does not equate to doing the right thing or being very conscious, aware, caring, or enlightened. And a planet in its own domicile is actually, in a way, limited, as it is focused on what it signifies (the planet/sign/house) sometimes to the exclusion of other topics (planets/signs/houses). And without -or depending on the type of- reception and aspects, these planets can sometimes signify a ruthless single-mindedness (and selfishness), and can lack communication with -or act supportive to- other areas or people as signified in the chart. 

Also, if you're examining one of those oh-so important planets in their sign of exaltation—please remember that its dispositor is incredibly important. It literally has the power to make or break whatever this lucky planet signifies. Sometimes with a lack of continued coherence and support (or when in bad company) you'll see an exalted planet (person signified) behave in bombastically arrogant and ignorant ways, depending on what it rules or where it's posited. Additionally, a planet's immediate sign and house position is thought to signify the way something starts out, and where it disposits shows how the matter evolves or ends. So exalted planets that lead to less 'dignified' places, or lack reception, tell us a lot about where this matter is going . . . maybe nowhere.

A kind of natural confidence is usually what I think when I see dignified or exalted planets, but arrogance can ensue, especially in our culture where narcissism is rampant and a lack of compassion and empathy is pretty much encouraged. Please check your feeling of superiority. No one is finished with their work on this planet, that's why we're here.

4. Final Dispositor FOLLY

A final or sole dispositor in the chart is not always helpful and it is certainly not necessarily nice. For instance, having a planet like Saturn in Capricorn or Mars in Aries as the one and only dispositor might require a bit (or a lot) of extra caution. These two especially seem to wreak havoc. Capricorn being the nocturnal sign for Saturn, a planet that prefers the light of day—and so the diurnal signs, to warm its cold dry bones; and Aries for Mars, a nocturnal planet which can use some cooling and grounding, provided by earthy or watery (yin) signs—can both be prone to a bit of bullying, cruelty, and power-plays if not mitigated and/or used consciously. 

It also helps to have reception, especially mutual, to break up the dispositing. Several dispositors are good, or loops between them. Unless a chart is working for a benefic (in an advantageous house), sometimes the focus of a final dispositor can bring one down or bulldoze over others with its nature and unlimited pursuit for power. Even a planet like Venus, as I've seen many times with charts of people with drug or food addictions, can cause a lot of trouble for the native. 

5. North Node is Karmic and MOST Important

Seriously, it's an eclipse point. And it is the head of the dragon, Rahu, for a reason. Look at Donald Drumpf. And the south node, Ketu, also an eclipse point, is the tail: a place of release, sure, a place of gifts and wisdom, and mysticism and spiritual liberation, too. Please do more research if you actually think the south node is just a useless point to be ignored and left behind, or that the north node is entirely holy and the only way to go. Maybe in a ruthless, obsessive, money-hungry, and addictive culture Rahu is king. But I'd like to think there is more to life. 

As for karma, if it exists as we think, it is represented by the whole chart—not just the nodes, not just Saturn, not just the twelfth house, and definitely not Pluto alone. 

6. Hard Aspects Are Bad

Squares are productive. Squares blend polarity, like antiscia does (and unlike oppositions actually). Blending polarities: yin/yang, feminine/masculine, can be wildly energetic, creative, and fruitful. It conveys an attempt to make something complete and whole, or brand new. We all know nothing happens without pressure, without attraction or repulsion, love and strife. Squares move us.

Of course this doesn't mean all squares are created equal. Like with oppositions, and especially those in close degree-based aspect with malefics (specifically three degrees or less in orb), they can indeed be crunchy and cruel —also notable here: their house rulership, and/or superior position, and other players. 

7. Easy Aspects Are Good, Especially Grand Trines

Smooth flowing aspects are comfortable, compatible, and can be very lazy. Yes, they can show natural talent and luck. They can also show being at ease, or being in a big rut. Especially with the grand trine, it is ideal to have one factor (at least) in square aspect to another planet. Thank the gods if you do. Here's someone who, sadly, did not

8. There is Only One Kind of Reception: Mutual 

Astrologers need to note all kinds of reception, including one-sided and mixed. I am personally a huge fan of mixed reception and even reception with minor dignities (i.e. Bounds, Decanates, etc.). And I think it is the key to practicing really good astrology. Reception between planets in aspect tell us how and where things are actually working and where there is likely disfunction. If a planet is compatible, comfortable, and supported in its contact with another planet it's like it is saying Yes, let's do this. And if it is uncomfortable within the contact and rejecting what is offered (for instance an aspect with a planet in the aspecting planet's place of fall or detriment) it's saying, No thanks, I don't want what you have to offer. Of course this can work for good or ill, in both cases. A malefic can be strengthened for instance receiving an aspect from a planet in the malefic's domicile or exaltation sign, and without a lot of awareness, that might not be a good thing at all!

Noting these kinds of connections, and rejection, lends a lot of refinement to your chart reading. There is a specificity and nuance that comes alive when you spend time with it. A deep study and consideration of this is well worth your time and effort.  

A good article on this is at the Gryphon Astrology site.

9. Peregrine Planets are Useless 

LOL. As I've already stated in several points above, so much depends on how planets disposit, and how (and by whom) they are received. A planet without essential dignity can be mightily supported with the right kind of reception and connection through aspects (by degree and whole sign!). A 'wandering' (peregrine) planet may even be more integrated in the chart as it communicates with several areas and topics if it is well received by several planets. This sort of thing could prove fruitful and unifying for several areas of the life! Too many planets that are essentially dignified, and not in reception, are not communicating with one another. These cases naturally lead me to wonder about a kind of fragmentation in the chart (and personality). Parts not conversant are indeed telling us something.

10. Debilitated Planets are Ineffective

It is my working/learning opinion that a planet not 'well-placed' by sign (including being in its detriment or fall) can have much influence and power to protect and foster the topics for houses it sees that are under its domain. Additionally, as my colleague Charlie Obert wrote about recently, there is a very real, tangible effect that comes with time and effort spent learning to be effective in realms these planets signify. All is not lost. 

You'll want to take note, as iterated many times above, the ways in which these planets disposit and are received. These are not minor details. In fact, especially note their so-called minor dignities. You'll see a planet in its own bound, decante, etc., can and does equate to a lot more than minor efficacy and power in actual practice. Well supported debilitated planets, imo, may point out more than just issues to work on, they are likely the path, the life's work, the point. Bless them. 

Be well. 

p.s. the notion of sex and the eighth house isn't entirely accurate . . . more on this at another time 

November News

unable to find photo credit

unable to find photo credit

This month I'll be presenting at the Astrology Restored conference in Cape Town, South Africa. I opted for a photo of Jimi Hendrix here because I'll be exploring his chart in one of my talks -- and November is his birth month! (See his natal chart below.) I've been a fan of his music since I was a kid. My mom had all his original records and we played them habitually. As a fellow Seattle native, Hendrix has always been a favorite inspiration.

Speaking of music, and not overtly astrological in nature but 'infused with the astrological emanations of the season,'  you might like to check out Frederick Woodruff's latest cosmix. Find it on AstroInquiry.

As I mentioned in the last newsletter, there's been an influx of interest and new membership for the Symmetrical Astrology facebook group. I'd love to keep the momentum going. Please feel free to find us, join in and participate! star among many..

Charlie Obert has another thoughtful piece up on his website on being aware of our worldview and values as astrologers. He points out how we "no longer have a single viewpoint, a single standard of values that is normative...." 

And that this requires "..a balanced perspective that emphasizes both the individual and the greater interactive whole. Not either/or, but both/and."

"The individual is not the one center of the Universe; equally, the individual is not reduced to one faceless atom in a larger collective, that forgoes its own point of view for the sake of the whole."

See his post: A Change in the Cosmos

Finally, here is the birth chart of Jimi Hendrix on the 360 degree dial: 

Note the many fabulous antiscia and contra-antiscia connections! That is a lot of excitement on the world's stage. The fact that all those planets are in aversion (i.e., not in Ptolemaic aspect, so cannot see one another), seems to speak to his particular sound and style. Planets in aversion, as Charlie Obert noted recently in his illuminating Kepler College webinar, can indicate a loss of control or awareness. Hendrix's guitar playing, in my opinion, always veered close to that edge of losing control. His style evoked the thrill of not knowing if something might completely fall apart -- or where it was headed. 

Note too that Hendrix's Venus sits right on the cardinal axis: 7.5 mutable is the midpoint between 15 fixed and the solstice point which gives it cardinal axis status. Later this month, transiting Saturn will come to this degree (near Hendrix's birthday, chart below) when it makes its first exact square with Neptune.

nov 27 2015.jpg

a Conference in Cape Town

I am delighted to announce I will be speaking at a very special upcoming conference: Astrology Restored in Cape Town, South Africa in November 2015.


From the event website

Astrology Restored: Bridging Epochs and Traditions is an exploration of astrology’s roots and ancient history, its development and expression over the millenia of its existence, its ‘flowering’ in Arabic and Medieval astrology, parallel to the evolution of Vedic astrology, and then the new innovations and insights modern Western astrology has contributed.

The renaissance of interest in ancient methods, the growing popularity of Jyotish in the West, and the innovations of modern Western astrology confront us with the task of integration and synthesis of the vast array of styles, schools, traditions and unique cultural manifestations of astrology. This conference hopes to contribute in some measure to that process.

During the conference there will be panel discussions on a variety of themes, and a visioning of the astrology of the future.

Shamballah is hosting the event and the site and surroundings are breathtaking. 

During the conference I will offer a workshop on how to approach midpoints and symmetry in the natal chart and am pleased to be giving a talk on antiscia! I also plan to be available for personal consultations.

You can find the chart for the opening ceremony for the conference on the Astrology Restored website. I wanted to also include a version of it here on the 360 dial. 

I personally love that the Ascendant and Midheaven (the fastest moving points) in this chart tie closely to important points in my own chart. I expect I will find this to be a profound experience and a magical place. 

Would love to see you there!