I've had the good fortune to have many mentors and friends who have inspired me and my work. Outside of studying on my own, my very first teacher was Stephanie Austin here in Washington state. Some astrologers whom I resonate with most today, employing techniques similar to my own, include Robert HandGary Christen, Demetra George, Bernadette Brady, Kelly Surtees, and too many friends to name. I've studied the work of many other astrologers and a number of different systems, and though I may not agree philosophically with all methods or systems, I am grateful for what I've explored and extracted. To me there is almost nothing less palatable than when a practitioner criticizes the work of another without bothering to take the time to learn the system or method they choose to dismiss. Astrology is vast. Let it be so.

Astrologers, modern and historical, whose work I recommend: (abridged list) Chris Brennan -and his course on Hellenistic Astrology, Deborah Houlding at Skyscript, Benjamin Dykes, James Herschel Holden, Charles Jayne, Reinhold Ebertin, Alfred Witte, Jean-Baptiste Morin (Morinus), Firmicus Maternus, Vettius Valens, and Ptolemy. Some non-astrologers include: James Hillman, Thomas Moore, Chögyam Trungpa, and Anam Thubten.