New and Return Clients

Natal session:  $120  
Includes dynamic (timing) methods, and chart preparation before we talk. Great for returning clients, and for yearly or quarterly updates. 
Session length: 60 minutes.

Comprehensive natal -or- Relationship focused session:  $170  
An in-depth examination and presentation of your natal chart (incl. current trends/timing). Recommended for first time clients. 
OR- in-depth relationship analysis: two natal charts, synastry, combined essence, and relevant timing factors.
Both include considerable preparation on my part before the consultation. Session length: 90 minutes.

Off-the-cuff "conversational" sessions -(an option for repeating sessions or return clients):  
30 minutes- $45/    60 minutes- $90/    90 minutes- $120/ 
Includes almost no chart preparation before we talk.

*An MP3 recording can be made at your request.

Consultation payment


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