R I P . Lou Reed

Some charts; little commentary.

Exact birth time unknown.

Chart for noon

Current solar arc directions below.   

Sun directs to Saturn, and Saturn directs to Pluto.  

Directions outer wheel - Birth chart inner wheel


Above solar arc directions are important as Reed has the natal midpoint: Sun | Pluto = Saturn

When the Sun comes to Saturn, Saturn arrives at Pluto; this is symmetry in motion. 

Disregard the zodiac signs on the 360 degree dial (signs move around with the pointer, but the midpoints are easier to see). 


Reed has the current Uranus Pluto square 'symbolism' in his natal chart by antiscion - the square which was seeded with the UR PL conjunction in the 1960's. Its connection is occurring again now, it is exact later this week (Nov. 1, 2013).

He also has a natal Venus Saturn contra-antiscia (no surprise, given his aesthetic). 

Mars|Uranus Pluto antiscia - Venus Saturn contra-antiscia 


Current transits below.

Transits outer wheel - Birth chart inner wheel