July 12 eclipse

. . . has separations written all over it. 

Not only is the new moon solar eclipse in exact opposition to Pluto, but possibly more importantly it sits at the midpoint of Mars Saturn; two players, together, symbolic of hard work and endurance. This also speaks to a clash and possibly conflict — separations are sure to surface. Looking to Saturn as it connects to the south node Ketu, (where Mars is transiting for several summer months) we see the Sun Moon at the precise midpoint. This is doubly impactful in messaging. Mars Saturn Node = Sun Moon. Last Goodbye

Interestingly enough we see Saturn rising locally (for the west coast of the United States); saying the same thing.

Venus in early Virgo in trine to both Saturn and Uranus also reiterates the statement. And maybe a break is not such a bad thing. Venus is the true focal point planet in this grand trine, as Saturn and Uranus are arranged symmetrical to her by degree. Those with these three in combo might really feel the pressure. Change or Die 

Mars Ketu also connect to the Aries point in this GIANT planetary picture around Venus. More confluence... 

ve sa ur ma ke.jpg

At least Jupiter's finally in direct motion......  

Speaking of


and its connect to Pluto
(a notorious but generally great midpoint: Ju/Pl)
together they happen to pull Venus into the Aries point. And that is not too shabby — and actually bodes well for this theme of separation and change.
Endings and new Beginnings

Ju + Pl - Ve = Ar