Venus Rx


A prescription for Venus? Sort of... Venus turned retrograde today and will remain so until the 18th of November. Retrograde means a planet appears to move backward; and symbolically it is a time for us to re-evaluate and reconsider what we love, need, and value (Venus). 

Venus rules relationships, pleasure, beauty, and art. Venus is the poet, the sage, the counselor, the friend.

It is a time to re-think what these things mean in our lives. Are we truly getting what we need? Are we giving what we could? What do we value most? What or whom do we appreciate, should we tell them more often?

A retrograde period is not necessarily a time to act, it's a time for re-evaluating. For instance with relationships making adjustments or improvements in an existing one is great, but hold off on making any major decisions (like breaking up or getting married). Instead use the time to assess - what needs are being met; what areas could use improvement?  

It's also a good idea to avoid major financial transactions if you can, though if things go on sale (as they often do during Venus Rx) it might be a good time to make smaller purchases. And though it may sound silly, you probably want to hold off doing anything dramatic to your appearance, as you may regret it later on. 

Re-work a painting. Rearrange furniture. Re-mortgage your house. Remind your partner you love them. ;-)